How To Keep Your House Cool In The Summer

It is the time of the year when air conditioning units are mostly used. It is the summer season and the temperature is starting to rise each day. In this time of year, it is also unavoidable to feel hot even when you are inside your home. However, you don’t have to keep on living this way in the summer. In this article, you will find out ways how you can make your living situations more comfortable, especially in the summer.

Here are the different ways you can keep your house temperature in a cool level in the summer:

  • Keep your windows closed. This may seem like the simplest advice that you hear, but this is very effective when it comes to keeping your house temperature down. In the summer, 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows. Closing your windows, especially when the sun is high will help keep your house temperature down up to 20 degrees. This will help keep your house from becoming your own greenhouse. The same thing should be done for the rooms in your house. When you can, keep the doors closed in your rooms to keep the cool air from escaping out.
  • Make your fan cooler. Sometimes, the air that comes from the fan is much better than the one that is coming from the AC. To make the wind from the fan cooler, especially in the summer, you can put a mixing bowl full of ice, or something equivalent, in front of the fan. Place this at an angle that air coming out from the fan will be cooler as it passes through over the bowl.
  • Change your sheets. Changing your bed sheets does not only help keep your room looking fresh at all times, but it will also help keep your room temperature cool by choosing the right kind of material. Fleece and flannels maybe good insulators, but using bed sheets made of cotton is the best choice in the summer. Cotton can stay cool even in the summer as it the material can breathe easier than others.
  • Set your ceiling fan that it rotates counter-clockwise in the summer. Setting your fan to rotate this way will help keep your house temperature cooler. It will help lift up the warm air of your house leaving a cooler breeze in the process. You and your guests will feel cooler when this is done.
  • Be in touch with your body temperature. People in the past who lived before air conditioning was invented was able to survive warm temperatures. This means that you can also survive the same situation without ever relying on modern technology. You just have to get in touch with your body and feed it what it needs, especially in the summer. Sipping a cold and tasty iced drink will help keep your body temperature down. Keeping your wrists and neck cool by wiping it with a cold cloth will also do the trick. Choosing the right kind of clothing will definitely help, too!
  • Invite the night air in. It is mostly during at night when temperature drop is felt, especially in the summer. At this time, keeping your house temperature down, especially in your bedroom should be an easy breezy. You can open your windows at night to encourage the cool wind to blow in your house. You can even place your fan in front of your window to encourage the cool night breeze to come in.
  • Invest on some long-term home improvements. Surviving the summer heat without the use of AC can be achieved. This can be done by investing in some home improvements that will help you and your family be comfortable in the summer months. You can invest in insulated window films or blinds. You can also plant trees outside your windows to keep the summer heat away from your house. A simple home improvement like this will help a lot in the summer.